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Paint Werkz was formed in 2014 out of frustration with other companies who offered refinishing.  I had a project that I wanted done and called around for prices which were what I felt very high and pictures I saw were “OK” but not as good as it should be for the money.  As I came from spraying very expensive finishes on wood many years ago I had the majority of the knowledge, and tools to spray firearms.  I firmly believe that your refinishing project shouldn’t cost you as much as you’d get for a kidney in Mexico, and you should get it faster than USPS sometimes delivers a letter.

Our focus is firearms refinishing, over the years we have gone into a few other area’s with the business, as we evolved found it best to stick to our roots. Our business model has always been simple, straight forward and honest. Our vast experience comes from years of hands-on knowledge and learning tips and tricks from many industry experts, and teaching countless applicators along the way. Each project that leaves us is completed with care as if it was our OWN.  We often go above and beyond by sending you pictures before the project is assembled to get your feedback, because if you don’t like we will redo it.  I can count on one hand the projects we have redone past 5+ years.

Within months of starting Paint Werkz we were featured at SHOT show in Las Vegas a single booth.  Over the years our exposure and amount of booths were were in grew to more than 9 booths in 2018.  Some of the work was “branded” as being done by us, other work was not as it was OEM work under a NDA.  Each year the we increase the amount of work displayed at SHOT show.  What’s in store for 2019… only time will tell, but here’s a hint, it’s for one of the HUGE BRAND name companies and being done under NDA.

Paint Werkz is a federally licensed FFL 07/02