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We have been asked if we can anodize aluminum parts for our customers over the years, however due to the minimum batch charges and limited demand this has been cost prohibitive for everyone so we have stayed away from it, until now.  The images shown here are actual product examples we received back from the anodizer, the finish is extremely smooth and has a perfect black color with a matte satin finish to the part.  Basically absolutely perfect anodizing with a perfect sheen, not dull and lifeless yet not shiny either.  The pictures do not do them justice.

As of Jan 1 we will start offering Anodizing to our customers once again.  We will be making runs to our anodizer every month usually at the beginning of the month, however it could be more frequently depending on how many parts we have to send.  Once we have enough to meet the minimum’s we will send it off for anodizing.

Our Anodizing firm does 75-80% of their work in in the Aerospace industry where perfection is a must and sub standard or marginal work isn’t an option.  They are Nadcap Approved, ITAR registered, and FAA / EASA Part 145 Repair Station .

In the firearms industry the standard is Type III hardcoat, some companies use Type II anodizing which is far softer of a finish and wears fairly easily.  Companies choose to use Type II due to lower costs as Type II is a minimum of 30-40% less expensive, and in some cases nearly half the cost.  When they’re focused on reducing the cost and not delivering the best possible product they have to cut costs somewhere, this is usually anodizing.  We don’t and won’t offer Type II anodizing.  When anodizing firearms parts you generally don’t need to worry about “tolerance stacking” as the parts are machined to tight tolerances, but not to the degree of aviation which are generally in the +/- 0.0001 – 0.0002″ where anodizing thickness needs to be accounted for.

With Anodizing we are only offering BLACK, other colors are available but the cost to run a small lot is prohibitive for our customers.  If you have 30-40 parts you want done or can get some friends to all get together we can make this happen!


Prices for Type III Hardcoat Anodizing (Black) vary, below I will give you a GUESSTIMATE of the rough cost.

AR Lower – $25-30
AR Upper – $25-30
AR Handguard $25-35

PARTS IN IMAGES (numbered 1-4 as shown in order)
1.24″ od x 5.65″ tube – $25
1.495″ od x 1.09″ cap – $13.50
1.34″ x 1.25″ K Baffle – $13.50
1.24″ x 0.89″ cap – $12.50

Our anodizing service includes the following:
Proper Prep with Aluminum Oxide
Coating in Black Type III Hard Anodizing
Multiple Anodizing Quality Control Checks

Our anodizing service does not include teardown & re-assembly of your parts, should that be required our normal armor’s fee’s apply.

Already anodized parts that require re anodizing require much more processing and prep than normal and the old anodizing might not be removed fully due to the sealants or other chemicals leeching into the metal further than we can see, this creates “rust” looking spots.  additional costs will be required due to the amount of prep required for these items.  Parts coming to us from you still must be prepped by us even if you already de-gresed and blasted the parts as we must insure all parts are clean and ready for anodizing.

We’re unable to offer our rush services for anodizing.  Parts must be in house a minimum of 7 days prior to the first of the month when we make our runs to the anodizing firm.  Lead time vary, but average 10-14 days once in queue at the Anodizer.