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Custom Colors are something that we specialized in offering to our clients.  in order for us to match a custom color we must have the following:

  • A physical color swatch from whatever color you are trying to match
      • Color swatch needs to be maintained in our possession during your project so we can match the colors as closely as possible.
      • Examples of color swatches are; a buttstock you have with a unique color from the factory, swatch from Home Depot for specific color, automotive color chip, etc.
  • We cannot match custom colors using the following method’s or means:
    • An email with a picture of what you are wanting to achieve (in some cases).
      • Most monitors commercially available do not render colors correctly.  We use a dual monitor setup on our PC at the shop and colors vary a lot between the 2 monitors and what you see on your end could be entirely different.
      • Only a monitor either designed for Pantone Colors or using Pantone software to calibrate the monitor will render colors correctly.  That’s assuming the image itself is a pantone color or it’s pantone correct.
      • Post processing or some sort of processing occurs far more than you realize, most images are never correct to the actual color(s) used unless it’s professionally shot in a studio setting without using any filters or post processing.  We’ve found that many applicators over saturate, over contrast or dim the picture by basic means making the product look great but colors aren’t even correct thus giving you a false representation of the colors.  (See below at the bottom of the page for a reference to post processing as an example)
      • With the above statement if you are using an image that’s available from a website that indicates the specific color or colors used we can use that.  Many times our customers find images of what they are doing on Cerakote, thankfully we can reference the site for the colors.  If you found the image on Cerakote’s website please let us know, send a link if possible.
    • describing a color
      • “I’d like to have a FDE but with some shimmer from black chrome, but it needs to be flat so mix black chrome and fde half and half”.
      • In the above mixing half and half would achieve an extremely dark brown and might not even be a result that looks good, the chrome look would also be very subdued and barely noticeable at best.
        • Mixing 20 Ml or FDE and just 2.5 Ml of black the result is a “milk chocolate like brown”, 20ml of FDE and 5 Ml of black result in a near dark chocolate brown.
      • The above example end result might work better with mixing say FDE, silver and possibly a top coat of a silver additive.  However the end result still wouldn’t be close to the type of color you are thinking of and or describing.
      • The above statements won’t work because what you are thinking of is very likely entirely different than what we are thinking that you are describing to us which is why having something in our hands is required to do custom colors.
      • Custom colors are billed on a separate line item from a project quote.
        • Custom colors are $20 per ounce or portion there of, this is per blending / mix.
        • Custom colors sprayed prior to your project as a “proof spray” are $20, this is per instance.
          • Instances where you request a proof spray require you to approve the sprayed proof prior to your project.


As an example I have used these (2) images for some time highlighting the common practice of post processing on images.  These images were grabbed from the Cerakote website and are copyright Cerakote and or the respective owners who created them.  we do not claim any ownership of these images.

All 3 images below use the same brown, H-226Q Patriot Brown.  As you can see from the 3 images below you the vast difference in the exact same brown.  The left seems to be a bit lighter brown with a bit of red to it, the middle is a very good accurate image of the patriot brown where as the shape on the right (ironically from the cerakote website) is insanely dark and not even close to Patriot Brown.  Patriot brown is a very nice color from Cerakote, but sadly the pictures are misleading many times to customers due to post processing.