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Are you a FFL or company that needs the occasional refinishing project completed?  We’ve got a great solution for you so you don’t have to have the hassle of refinishing in house.

Paint Werkz provides refinishing for various companies locally and nationally, some of which are under “NDA’s”.  Our Dealers & OEM customers come to us because of our aggressive pricing structure, and straight forward approach to providing your business the best possible product with reasonable lead times.  We pay attention to the details and don’t ever cut corners, if your project will take us a bit longer to get done right we won’t hesitate to take that time to get it right from the start.  After-all, your customers paid for the best product and demand the best possible finish.

As we’re also in the firearms industry and focused on refinishing we see the trends and also know what cosmetically looks good.  Sometimes you might get us suggesting something you didn’t think of, while it might add a bit more to the overall cost of the project, or it might not have been something you even thought of we know that you and your customers will be thrilled with the end result.

Our core market is refinishing for Firearms, but also other vertical’s such as Motorcycles, Vaping, and Automotive.

Here are a few reason’s Dealers chose Paint Werkz for their projects.

  • Straight Forward, HONEST Pricing
    • Other big names out in the market charge a premium because their name is attached to a project, where as we aren’t “pretentious” like that.  Sure we would like our name attached to marketing with your product, but we also like being your go to company that you can explicitly trust for the best value and top notch quality.
  • Volume Based Discount Tier’s
    • Dealer Pricing is based on quarterly volume starting as low as 9 pieces per quarter / 3 pieces per month (based on previous quarter history, first quarter is our published retail rates).
      • Minimum quarterly volume is required to maintain the discount tier.  Your discount tier could go up or down depending on previous quarters volume.
      • Quarters are based on Jan 1 start of the year, Dec 31 end of the year
        • Jan 1 – March 31
        • April 1 – June 30
        • July 1 – September 30
        • October 1 – December 31
  • 100+ colors in stock
    • Cerakote
      • As of 9/1/2018 Cerakote Firearms coatings has become another choice of coatings that we are offering to our customers.  Cerakote offers a fine product with massive marketing exposure to consumers,  Leveraging Cerakote’s marketing of their products will bring you additional consumers while not increasing your marketing budget to promote a new color on your product.
      • Due to short self life of Cerakote we will be stocking smaller quantities in a limited selection of the most commonly requested colors.  If a color is requested that we do not have we will gladly order that color for you once your project is booked and in house.  This shouldn’t add to your project’s lead-time as we generally have sufficient time allocated for the projects on hand.
      • We will stock gallons of the product depending upon your volume and other factor’s, we don’t want to be at the mercy of an out of stock product.
      • Cerakote will be on option by request only for your project.
    • KG Gunkote
      • KG Gunkote is still our default coating, KG Gunkote will remain our default coating unless otherwise specified by the customer.  KG Gunkote is currently being used and spec’d by all of our OEM customers for their projects.  Due to NDA’s we aren’t allowed to disclose the names of our OEM customers, but rest assured they are some BIG names in the firearms industry and also hold U.S. Government contacts.
      • We will maintain a large selection of KG Gunkote due to the much longer lifespan of the product.
      • The most popular colors that we frequently spray we stock in Gallon’s so we won’t run out during your project.  We back-fill our stock once we are close to opening the next gallon.
    • Duracoat
      • We aren’t able to utilize Duracoat in our facility due to a previous allergic reaction from the product, therefore we have to politely decline any Duracoat based projects.  Even with proper ventilation and respirators there was still a reaction from the product.  No other variables were in the environment that had not been there previously.
  • Reasonable Turnaround Time
    • Our Stated Turnaround Time Is 3-5 Weeks, in some cases it could be more or less than that depending on the volume you send to us, and workload we have in house at that time.
    • Our lead times on average are some of the shortest in the valley, we know the other companies and know their lead times first hand.
  • Our Limited Lifetime Warranty For Your Customers
    • Your Customers Can Send The Item Directly To Us For Warranty At Your Discretion, or you can send it to us on their behalf.  Whatever works for your company best works for us!  You can view our limited lifetime warranty terms on our back side of our intake worksheet.


Below are images of some slides that we have done and keep in our shop to highlight some of the colors we have and our capabilities.

Black Chrome (Left), Light Green metallic with a Light OD Green (rear) to a black (front) gradient under the metallic green.



Policies above are effective Jan 1, 2018.