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Paint Werkz is proud to announce that we now offer slide milling as one of our services to you!

We partnered with Boogeyman Custom in Tucson, AZ to do slide milling.

Due to the wide variety of options that they offer we’re going to defer the pricing and options to their website.

How does this work? Simple, boogeyman cuts your slide to your spec, we refinish your slide to your request. The pricing from Boogeyman or through us is the same to you. You get Boogeyman milling and our in stock paint from over 100 colors and limitless patterns and other options.

If you slide requires Teardown & Assembly we will do teardown and assembly for a discounted price of $15 additional. Your parts will get a basic cleaning and be fully inspected by us.
We are a Glock Certified Armorer, so you know it’s going to be gone though to glock spec’s and done right.

Here are some sample’s of their amazing work!