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Paint Werkz is now offering our customers Black Nitride finishing on their steel (carbon and stainless) projects. 


We have developed a relationship with a great firm that does Salt Bath Nitride finishing, and we do runs to them once a month to give our customers the best possible prices as there is a minimum size lot we need to bring to them.

Nitride coating, more specifically Salt Bath Nitride has been around since the 1920’s but it fell out of favor for decades then was re-investigated as a viable process for metal finishing in recent years.  The black nitride finish we have come to expect in firearms industry is technically known as “salt bath nitriding” due to the specific process.

In salt bath nitriding the nitrogen donating medium is a nitrogen-containing salt such as cyanide salt. The salts used also donate carbon to the workpiece surface making salt bath a nitrocarburizing process. The temperature used is typical of all nitrocarburizing processes: 550–570 °C. The advantages of salt nitriding is that it achieves higher diffusion in the same period of time compared to any other method.

The advantages of salt nitriding are:

  • Quick processing time – usually in the order of 4 hours or so to achieve
  • Simple operation – heat the salt and workpieces to temperature and submerge until the duration has transpired.

Nitride coating starts as low as $20 for small parts, slides / barrels are generally in the $35-60 each.  Pricing depends on the specific part needing to be completed.  


Our runs to nitride generally are in the first week of each month and take about 7-10 days on average for processing, lead times could be more or less depending on the facilities production cycles.

How to get nitriding done from us:

  • Parts MUST be in house no later than 7 days prior to shipment to the nitride company.
    • We need to inspect the parts to insure they are acceptable
    • Teardown items as needed
    • Develop a Purchase Order and send to them to advise them of what’s on the way
  • rush services are NOT available for nitride due to being completed by a 3rd party.
  • Cost for nitriding is for the service itself, and does not include teardown / assembly.
  • Carbon & Stainless steel can be done with nitride.
    • You cannot nitride Aluminum, Titanium or other metals.