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While we are a small operation we have expanded a bit to get some help and assist with some tasks that we need help with in order for us to do grow and get paint work done quicker.

Our crew is small but very tight knit, almost a family for lack of a better words.

Rob Szkutak
Rob has been in the firearms industry since 2012 in various retail facet’s, and engaged in the industry much further back. In 2014 he started to refinish firearms for another FFL in Phoenix and within a year he decided it would be best to go out on his own to offer his services beyond the company he worked for as he was getting inquiries outside of the firm. He formed the company with the core belief to offer a great service at an affordable price to everyone, to this day he reviews his pricing monthly and adjusts based on actual time on task to insure he’s giving the best possible prices to customers. His relationship with the company he worked for is still fantastic to this day and often helps them out with special projects or overflow.

Rob’s reputation for turning out quality work has allowed the company to grow from solely retail work to work done for dealers and OEM companies. As of late 2020 he currently does production work for 7 retailers and 5 OEM companies.

Rob is one of the first certified applicators from KG Industries and does certification training for KG on occasion.

In his free-time (ha ha yea right) he enjoy’s hunting with firearms & archery, fishing in Alaska, camping, and playing with his 2 black lab’s “max”, “missy”. Rob is dedicated to wildlife conservation, in 2018 he partnered Paint Werkz as a supporter of Arizona Elk Society & Christian Hunters of America and does all the coating for their firearms as well as a majority of the FFL transfers for raffle & banquet firearms.

Sales Director:
Cydney Brabec
Cydney has been in the firearms industry for since 2016, she is knowledgeable in various aspects of sales and customer relations. Cydney & Rob and have grown closer over the past few years to the point where it seems like a natural fit for her to be involved with the company. With her knowledge of the firearms industry and customer service it seems to be a good fit for her to come on board and possibly ease some aspects of the workload. Cydney will initially be taking over the role of OEM & Dealer relations, down the road she will be taking over various aspects of customer service.

Cydney has become important to the overall operation & long term strategy of Paint Werkz helping to reduce some calls / emails from customers to Rob allowing him to focus on painting and doing owner things (cough, leave her run the show while he goes hunting and fishing leaving her behind to work). At this time she works a full-time job her part time assistance with OEM’s & Dealers has helped to reduce the load on Rob allowing him to focus on coating increasing productivity.

Being a girly girl with a sassy & spicy tomboy twist Cydney wants to be engaged in every aspect of the company by the end of 2021. This includes painting, stencil design, more or less everything that Rob does but from a woman’s point of view giving the company a more diverse portfolio of services bringing the overall company goals in alignment with “what women want” thus catering to a undeserved market.

In her free time she enjoy’s target shooting, fishing, her dog “Trapper”, cracking the whip on rob, camping when she can, relaxing by the pool, and recently took an interest in archery hunting where she is working on her skills. Occasionally on downtime Cydney, Rob and sometimes Randy head out to the desert to shoot their bow’s for an hour, then back to work.

Production Assistant:
Jason Hydorn
Jason has come to us from Ammo A-Z where he works full-time, we are training him to do prep and other aspects of coating to ease the workload so rob can focus on the coating work. Jason has been in the firearms industry for about 18 months and is eager to learn more about the industry and some possible new idea’s to the company.

As Jason works inside Ammo A-Z it will be a bit easier for customers to pickup and or drop off projects when the Paint Werkz staff isn’t there as he will be able to put them in our rack or hand them out.

In his freetime he surf’s Tick Tock & Facebook, thankfully he’s trying to discover hobbies as he’s been focused on working for many years. He wants to take up photography and hunting when the time permits.

Marketing & Media Relations:
Randy Roedl
Randy is a very good friend to Rob, he has become a close advisor to the company allowing Paint Werkz to expand their product offerings as well as reach more people with the companies offerings and services locally as well as with our OEM services.

Randy comes from a background in marketing specializing in SEO and Social Media, he’s also a co owner of 3 Doors media with a diverse client base around the globe.

In his free time he enjoys to an almost OCD level archery hunting, his 2 golden retrievers “hope” & “bailey”, working on projects at home, and the occasional woodworking project.

The success and establishment of the company is solely due to the assistance of the late Frank Desomma from POF-USA. Without Frank’s guidance Paint Werkz wouldn’t exist today. Frank’s passing came at a time when Rob was at the beginning of a crossroads in life, having arrived in Alaska for a fishing trip it hit him pretty hard. While he wasn’t close to Frank to where they talked weekly, Frank gave Paint Werkz opportunities with new ideas and new markets to look at.

Frank was a revolutionary man and knew he could do better. Frank started POF from his home here in Phoenix, like most other businesses he wanted to fill a void in the market by building one of the finest AR platform’s on the market. Frank took a chance and left a very good paying job in aerospace to continue the growth of POF. Frank wasn’t just about about firearms either, frank cherished time with his family, was politically active and most importantly loved America, he was a red white and blue patriot to his core. Frank was an amazing man who was sadly taken from us far too soon.

We want to believe that Frank looks down on us and all the many other FFL’s that he has helped over the years get into the industry. Frank, we truly morn your loss each day. Thinking of you and what you mean to the company bring’s tears to our eyes of sadness and joy. We’re saddened by your loss, but were joyful having had the pleasure of knowing you, and knowing that you were there to help so many with simple advice when it was truly needed. There isn’t a day that goes by where you don’t cross our mind in some way, in the times where we don’t think we can push anymore or are stuck in a rut we recall your infamous line “get the fuck back to work” and we do.

So that said, we miss you frank and think about you and do our best to honor your legacy with each project. We never got the chance to tell you what you meant to us, nor did we get a chance to say goodbye (thanks covid), but know that you meant a lot to us Frank. Now we’re going to get the fuck back to work.

Frank Lynn DeSomma, December 10, 1962 – June 18, 2020