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Effective December 1, 2021
We are no longer accepting any retail work for the foreseeable future.  This decision didn’t come lightly but keeping on the path of retail paint work as well as OEM work it wasn’t sustainable given the current market.  Like all other companies we’re seriously struggling with cost increases across the board as well as labor issues keeping reliable staff.

All projects in queue for retail work are still being worked on and completed as quickly as possible, sadly most are behind schedule, but we’re getting them done.  As our staff is focusing on workload were putting phone calls/texts/email on the back burner and checking weekly on those.

Paint Werkz was formed in 2014 out of frustration with other companies who offered refinishing.  I had a project that I wanted done and called around for prices which were what I felt very high and pictures I saw were “OK” but not as good as it should be for the money.  As I came from spraying very expensive finishes on wood many years ago I had the majority of the knowledge, and tools to spray firearms.  I firmly believe that your refinishing project shouldn’t cost you as much as you’d get for a kidney in Mexico, and you should get it faster than USPS sometimes delivers a letter.

Paint Werkz is a federally licensed FFL 07/02 9-86-x-08310