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One of our most commonly refinished firearms is the AR-15 and other variants of this.

Our pricing is very straight forward and all our costs / fee’s are transparent.  When quoting prices we assume that the parts will come to us non assembled, and ready to go into queue without tear-down & assembly.

As shown below you see (3) parts, upper, lower, handguard.  Our prices reflect the parts in this state.  Please note that the upper receiver pictured here shows the dust cover and forward assist installed, these parts must also be removed from the upper in order to paint.

Tear-down, Ultrasonic Cleaning & Assembly fee’s start at $37.50 regardless of the part or parts sent to us requiring tear-down.  To get an accurate quote on these fee’s please contact us.

During this time it’s ideal if you want to switch some parts out to have them installed as the gun will be entirely torn down.  In most cases there is no additional cost to install those new items onto your gun.