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Congratulations on your win from Arizona Elk Society’s latest raffle!

As you have indicated you live outside the Phoenix metro area we will ship the firearm to a dealer in your area at No Charge. You will be responsible for any “transfer fee’s” that the dealer in your area charges.

Below is a list of FFL’s within the state of Arizona that we have contacted and have all their information on file, you will also find the fee they charge for FFL transfers. At the bottom of this we have a list of FFL’s that we no longer ship to, this could be for a variety of reasons.

Page Updated as of 03/09/2020


CityFFL NamePhone #Transfer costOK 2 SHIP
Bullhead CityMr. Pawn(928) 758-7296$25.00Yes
Camp VerdeCopper Star Indoor Shooting(928) 567-5300$35.00Yes
CliftonLONE EAGLE GUN WORKS(928) 792-7281$20.00Yes
CottonwoodPawn Palace(928) 634-0898$15.00 – $10.00 LE/vetYes
FlagstaffSportsman’s Warehouse(928) 526-2300$50.00Yes
GlobeUnited Sporting Goods(928) 425-7300$30.00Yes
HolbrookArizona Pawnman(928) 524-1000$25.00Yes
Lake Havisu CitySouthwest Firearms(928) 453-4867$30.00Yes
PageGunfighter Canyon(928)-606-0292$30.00Yes
ParkerGold Pan Dan’s(928) 669-3079$35.00Yes
PrescottPrescott Shooting Range & Gun Club(928) 910-3457$30 non mbr / $25 nonYes
PrescottBucky O’Neill Guns(928) 778-2400$35.00Yes
PrescottHigh Country Guns Knives(928) 445-7704$35.00Yes
Prescott ValleyJT Arms(928) 227-3798$20.00Yes
Prescott ValleyPrescott Valley Guns(928) 772-7705$35.00Yes
PaysonRim Country Guns(928) 474-8000$20 for AZ Elk MemberYes
Safford / ThatcherGILA VALLEY OUTDOOR(928) 348-0710$40.00Yes
Showlow / LakesideC-A-L Ranch Stores(928) 251-1315$30.00Yes
SpringervilleWESTERN DRUG INC(928) 333-4321$30.00Yes
TucsonCATALINA PAWN LLC(520) 825-4142$30 / $20 ccwYes
WilliamsGunfighter Canyon(928)-606-0292$30.00Yes
YumaSprague’s Sports(928) 726-0022$20 itemYes

No Shipments

CityFFL NamePhone #Transfer costOK 2 SHIP
FlagstaffRUFF’S Sporting Goods(928) 774-6051N/ANO
PrescottJ&G Sales(928) 445-9650N/ANO
Showlow / LakesidePatriot Precision(928) 242-7136N/ANO

Once again thank you for supporting Arizona Elk Society.