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We wanted to publish this page to help discuss some questions or issues that we hear frequently from customers who call or stop by for a quote on work.  Hopefully this will help you understand all the costs that go into a paint job.

First and foremost you will find that our prices are lower than everyone else in the Phoenix metro area, but in some cases were on par with their pricing.  Pricing varies project to project as each project has different requirements and no two are ever the same.  So let’s get down to it!


“Why can’t you paint my slide for $25-30, that price is insane (which our slide price is $75 plus $20-40 teardown)”
* Doing slides for $25-30 we would literally lose money on each job plain and simple.  Our actual cost to do a one off slide averages around $59-62 bucks.  We actually have a cost sheet internally and know within $0.25 what each job costs us on our monthly P&L.  Using the above cost to retail prices we would make a gross profit of $13-16 bucks.
* We have seen those people on eBay or online forum’s that offer jobs for that price, quite often we see them come into us for the coating to be blasted off and done correctly.

“What costs could you possibly have with coating guns besides the coating itself”
* With coating work the amount of paint on the item itself isn’t always a large portion of the costs.  As applicator’s we have a lot more expenses than you think that we need to pay for in order to coat your slide.
* In order to do your part these are many fixed costs that need to be accounted for, let me break those down.
* One Time Use Consumables
* Acetone & solvents for cleaning our spray guns after each job, solvents to clean & de-grease your parts prior to painting, Cleaning Solution for the Ultrasonic Cleaner, non latex gloves, high temp tape’s, stencils, razor’s for custom edging / shapes, and intake sheets.
* Depreciated Use Consumables
* Respirator filters and Blasting Media falls into this category.  Blasting Media is large consumable cost, there are other small items but the costs of them are inconsequential to the overall price so we don’t even consider them in the cost.   Blasting media (120 Grit Virgin Brown Aluminum Oxide, Milspec – FAA Approved) costs $1.44 per pound in 50 pound bags ($72 per bag), we use 100-300 pounds per month.  Paper, Toner and other computer related items.
* Hard Assets
* Purchase & Maintenance on the following “hard assets” Laptop Computer, Docking Station, Monitor, POS Laptop, Printer, Air Compressors, Paint Booth, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Blasting Cabinet, Air Dryer, HVLP Spray gun’s & semi annual HVLP rebuild kits.
* Utilities & Monthly Expenses
* Rent, Insurance, Electricity, Internet, Email & Website, Telephone, and POS Pricing Print Out’s.
* Regulatory
* FFL, SOT Endorsement, Insurance, Business Licensing, Document Retention & Storage

You can now see all the items that are factored into your paint job regardless of big or small, larger projects require the use of more materials / consumables than smaller ones so that also reflects in the price.