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Paint Werkz offers both Cerakote & KG Gunkote, our default coating is KG Gunkote and Cerakote is only on a special order basis.  We do not offer or use Duracoat.

We are Arizona’s LARGEST stocking applicator for KG Gunkote, we keep colors in stock that other applicators only order when they have a project that calls for that color.  We know the local applicators, and sometimes they call us to beg us out of 4-8 ounces of a color because they ran out as they don’t order in the QTY we order.  We order from KG on a routine basis, however 2-3 times a year we make orders for many  gallons of colors that we frequently use.

On a nearly daily basis we get calls to “cerakote my gun”.  The brand name Cerakote has become synonymous with painting your gun a custom color, not necessarily the brand itself similar to that of a high pressure laminate counter top.  When people go to a big box stores looking for counter tops they generally use the brand name “Formica”, but there are other companies out there who also make quality high pressure laminate (the technical name of this type of product) counter-tops such a wilsonart, pionite etc.  The vast majority of our callers are wanting 2 things, quality finish that will hold up and the color they desire.  KG Gunkote will achieve or in many cases exceed the perceived durability of Cerakote.

Why KG Gunkote over Cerakote?
1) Application Thickness.  Cerakote’s strength comes from the product thickness, in fact the recommended thickness of the H series Cerakote is 1 mil, where as KG Gunkote is .5 mil.
2) Ridges On Multi Color Projects.  I’ve seen a lot of custom camo work or other work where stencils were used, on the majority of projects I see ridges that I have coined the phrase “Cliffs of Dover”.  The reason for this is 2 fold, first it’s due to the product being applied thick to properly cover the previous layer.  Second because the applicator is simply spraying fast trying to knock out the project.  Our projects even a 4 color job rarely if ever have ridges between the colors, that means it was done RIGHT!
3) Unprotected Parts.  When properly applying cerakote an applicator needs to plug and mask off small holes in your parts or area’s that can’t be coated due to “tolerance stacking”.  Tolerance stacking is when a coating put on a part bring that part out of spec thus making fitment difficult or nearly impossible due to the coating thickness.  Masking or plugging those area’s leave’s that area unprotected.
4) Durability.  KG Gunkote is an extremely durable product when properly applied, in all honesty all coatings are durable when applied to properly prepared parts.  Some just wear better than others.
5) Custom Colors.  As applicators we often need to blend custom colors for our customers, with Cerakote this can be difficult to achieve because of the product chemistry.  With KG Gunkote the custom colors are easy to achieve and repeatable lot to lot.  Experienced applicators like Paint Werkz have a lot of experience with blending custom colors and often have colors exclusive to them.
6) UV Stability.  You wouldn’t think that UV stability is important in a coating, but it is.  Cerakote advertises that the product is UV stable, however you will hear from many applicators that they won’t use Cerakote on products that are going to get exposure to the sun because the colors fade.  KG Gunkote is very stable and doesn’t have UV stability issues.
7) Company History.  Cerakote was formed in 1984 but didn’t really gain traction in firearms until the early 2000’s.  KG Industries started in the 1960’s and developed coatings for use by the military.  Since then KG Industries has made coatings for Military, Aerospace, Sporting Goods and other markets.

Hopefully you can see in the above statements and bullet points why KG Gunkote is a far superior product in our opinion to Cerakote.  We not only use KG Gunkote on our products that we offer to our customers, we also use KG Gunkote on our personal projects.