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Are you a FFL or company that needs the occasional refinishing project completed?  We’ve got a great solution for you so you don’t have to have the hassle of refinishing in house.

Paint Werkz provides refinishing for various companies locally and nationally, some of which are under “NDA’s”.  Our Dealers & OEM customers come to us because of our aggressive pricing structure, and straight forward approach to providing your business the best possible product with reasonable lead times.  We pay attention to the details and don’t ever cut corners, if your project will take us a bit longer to get done right we won’t hesitate to take that time to get it right from the start.  After-all, your customers paid for the best product and demand the best possible finish.

As we’re also in the firearms industry and focused on refinishing we see the trends and also know what cosmetically looks good.  Sometimes you might get us suggesting something you didn’t think of, while it might add a bit more to the overall cost of the project, or it might not have been something you even thought of we know that you and your customers will be thrilled with the end result.

Our core market is refinishing for Firearms, but also other vertical’s such as Motorcycles, Vaping, and Automotive.

Below are images of some slides that we have done and keep in our shop to highlight some of the colors we have and our capabilities.

Black Chrome (Left), Light Green metallic with a Light OD Green (rear) to a black (front) gradient under the metallic green.

To become a dealer send us a copy of your FFL and we will reach out to you to discuss the details.


Policies above are effective Jan 1, 2018.