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I will do the following pricing for the group, when you send it into me on the form you send in with it please indicate the group or something so I know where you ran across me etc.  Lead times will vary depending on workload at that time, but I like to get F1/F4 items out sooner rather than later.  As these are NFA items I do need a copy of your F1 when it comes in, this way in the event of an audit ATF can’t ding me for them and to referance for the required info.  Please remove the baffles prior to sending it in, unless the item is of a sealed design.  Engraving is done within 24 hours of arrival.  If sending multiple items please wrap the F1/F4 around the tube and secure it with a rubber band or similar so there is no doubt what item is what.

I exclusivley use KG Gunkote in house, it’s a great product and is extremly thin application thickness.  All my work I stand behind with a limited lifetime warranty.  What’s not covered is the coating shifting colors (light colors like FDE this can happen), the can having been wrapped with a can condom where it melts, a glove melted, dropping it on the rocks etc.  Basically commmon sense stuff.

Keeping it simple I am going to offer (10) of the most popular colors I do on F1/F4 items, this will allow me to be more efficent and keep your costs down yet offer you all a bit of a variety.

Coating Colors:
Flat Black
OD Green
NAPA Green
Libery Brown
Bright Brass (think shiny gold color)
Magpul Tan
Magpul Grey
Magpul OD Green

Coating tube ONLY:  $45
Coating tube + NFA Engraving $70
Coating tube + Endcaps:  $60
Coating tube + Endcaps + NFA Engraving:  $85
NFA Engraving ONLY: $35

Return shipping is about $10.75 on average, USPS Signature required.  Larger QTY’s will be a bit more.