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Due to the popularity of our slide refinishing specials as of 2/1/2020 we’re expanding this from Slides to Full Pistols & Complete AR’s!

February 2020 Color:
     * Magpul Stealth Grey
Slide: $50
Slide & Frame:  $90
AR (upper, lower, handguard):  $120

February 2020 Patterns / Theme:
* Forest Green Tiger Stripe (2 color & Matte Clear) (with or without very light battle worn)
Slide:  $90
Slide & Frame:  $165
AR (Upper, Lower, Handguard):  $210

NOTE:  Our slide coating special is designed as a direct to consumer special, these special offers must be paid at the time of shipment to us or drop off out our location.

* Dealer & OEM discounts do not apply to this special.

Magpul Stealth Grey

Forest Green Tiger Stripe (with or without very light battle worn)