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Paint Werkz has researched our pricing to ensure we are competitively priced against other providers in the market.  On Jan 1 unlike other companies who raised their prices, we had a price reduction on a few items that we offer.

Most shops include a disassembly / assembly fee in their pricing, we don’t include that into our pricing for a few reasons.  Some of the reasons we don’t is that we have customers who are working on a tight budget and want to do as much as possible to save on the project costs, the other is that some of our customers are doing upgrades and have the parts already stripped.  Charging to disassemble something already in parts just isn’t ethical.

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to refinishing, each project is unique.  The pricing below is intended as a “guideline” and not a firm quote for the services you are requesting.  To receive a quote for your project please contact us.

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Paint Werkz 2021 Pricing

(This is a 2 page document, this was designed for “double sided” printing)