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Gunsmithing is just one of the services that we offer to our customers.  We do a lot of gunsmithing in-house from basic barrel changes to more elaborate needs such as chambering, custom machining, and much more.

Our gunsmithing rate is $60.00 per hour with a minimum shop charge of $40.00.  Parts aren’t included in the price shown, parts are always priced as fairly as possible but at times they can be expensive even for us.

Unlike mechanics who work off of a published guideline for “time on task” this doesn’t exist for firearms.  We do our best to give you an accurate idea on the costs up front, however if we feel it’s going to go over the estimate we will reach out to you and discuss it.

Lead times for gunsmithing are 3-5 weeks on average, but could be up to 8 weeks or so depending on the project.  We don’t offer “rush” services for gunsmithing as there are too many variables to factor into each unique project.