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Due to strict laws surrounding copyright’s and many companies branding we will not copy or use a companies brand name or logo on any design.  Companies, Sports Teams and “brands” are very protective of their logo’s or designs and we respect that therefore we won’t do work using the logo’s or resemblance of the item.

We have been asked various times over the past few years to do various paint schemes, or use specific colors.  As a rule of thumb we do not and will not do any logo’s which are subject to copyright such as but not limited to Harley Davidson, Nintendo, Glock, and so on without a letter from the respective company allowing the use of that logo.  Below you will see (2) examples of work where it copies a logo, or design.  We did NOT do this work, and shamelessly stole it off the web as an example of designs that show a copyrighted design or use branding.


We will also not use the colors orange on any firearm in any way for safety concerns, additionally we will not refinish a firearm to specific colors that follow along the guidelines of “sim guns, non lethal guns”.  We use our best judgement on this matter and don’t prohibit any color specifically and take it on a case by case basis.  Below is a great example of “sim guns” from glock, these guns are designed for training only and have loud colors to indicate they are not lethal weapons.