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As an example I have used these (2) images for some time highlighting the common practice of post processing on images.  These images were grabbed from the Cerakote website and are copyright Cerakote and or the respective owners who created them.  we do not claim any ownership of these images.

All 3 images below use the same brown, H-226Q Patriot Brown.  As you can see from the 3 images below you the vast difference in the exact same brown.  The left seems to be a bit lighter brown with a bit of red to it, the middle is a very good accurate image of the patriot brown where as the shape on the right (ironically from the cerakote website) is insanely dark and not even close to Patriot Brown.  Patriot brown is a very nice color from Cerakote, but sadly the pictures are misleading many times to customers due to post processing.