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Refinishing is a very localized process that a company would have 90-95% of their business come from local customers and generally very little if any come from 75+ miles from the shop, none the less from other parts of the country.  In the past we have done limited sponsorship’s of local professional shooters, however those sponsorship’s didn’t result in any actual business and gave us limited brand recognition.

Thus we do not offer sponsorship’s, or team shooters as it has no return on the investment for the company.


As a rule of thumb we do not do donations, however we may extend accommodation pricing on the project.  In order for us to consider a full donation to your cause or charity we require a written request prior to bringing the items into the shop for a refinishing donation.  In the request please provide us with some information about the donation including but not limited to where the item will be displayed, as well as what material or flyers our logo’s and company information will be listed on, and specifically what you are requesting that we provide.  Requests for a full donation at the time you bring an item into us will be denied as we have not had time to review the information for your request and review our budget for donations.

We request the above as we have a very limited budget for doing donations so we need to insure that we get the best possible exposure, and it meets our market focus.

Should we provide a full donation we are unable to accommodate “expedited requests” for refinishing, we will however do our best to get the project in and out like any other customer.

Should we extend the offer of a donation we are required to have a letter on company letterhead from your organization containing the following information.  Specific services and or statement of goods rendered to you, your organizations 501c3 status, the federally issued EIN, the complete legal name of your organization all of which will be verified prior to release.  If marketing has been promised in the initial request for donation we also require that the letter include that as well with the dates, times, locations of each event and how you propose to market our products or services.  If we do not have that letter at the time of pickup or prior to shipped we are required to collect payment in full for all services and products rendered as the above items are required by the IRS for tax deduction purposes.

(the above statement is from advice of our CPA’s based on IRS policies and procedures surrounding charitable donations.)