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When our customers call us in regards to coating work we often get asked what makes us different among many other things.

Our business model is based on various factors, but the core of our business has always been fair prices, reasonable turnaround times and most importantly doing “the little things” you don’t consider.

Our pricing is some of the most aggressive in the Phoenix metro area plain and simple.  We encourage you to call around and ask, you will find that we ARE the least expensive professional applicator.  Sure “garage guys” will be cheaper, but are they doing it correctly?  We have the experience to do it right the first time, if we make a mistake we fix it.

Our turnaround times are ALWAYS stated at 3-5 weeks regardless of when you bring it in.  We could have 2 projects ahead of you or 40 projects with 300 pieces ahead of you, we will always state 3-5 weeks.  We operate on “FIFO”, First In First Out.

The little things we do that you don’t think of are important as well.  Example, if you bring us a well used pistol that’s dirty inside with lots of gunk we don’t just tear it down, paint the parts and reassemble using dirty parts.  We soak your parts in our cleaning solvents then run them though our ultrasonic cleaner at no additional cost to you.  We oil the parts to spec and insure they operate correctly.  When you get your newly painted gun back it will be as clean as possible.  We strive to make it “factory new” clean but sometimes gunk is truly stubborn and you could have spots of caked on crud that can’t be removed easily.