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Over the course of our business we have found that one size does not fit all when it comes to gunsmithing forms, some were simply garbage.

When you bring an item into our shop we have these on hand, the downloadable forms are intended for those who are sending their item into us.

This form MUST be included with your item(s) that you send into us for refinishing.  Failure to include the form WILL result in delay’s. We encourage you to print the form double sided to include the rear page.  If you aren’t able to print double sided just include the back page stapled to the first page.

Once the item is received and checked in we will advise you that we have received it.  As we check in all items and open packages after our hours of operation the following day is when the clock starts for the lead-time.

The form below is “an editable PDF”, meaning it was designed to be filled in on a computer then printed.  If possible use a computer to fill in the form as handwriting is sometimes hard to read.


Paint Werkz Intake Form (Fillable PDF)