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We are frequently asked about lead times with our work.

  • 4-6 Weeks on average for refinishing work
  • 8-10 weeks for gunsmithing
  • NO LEAD TIME for custom one off work due to current workload

While it is possible to get it completed quicker, we can’t give you a more precise time-frame until we have the project in house.  Once the parts are in house the clock starts for us.

We do offer expedited services for some refinishing and some gunsmithing services but keep in mind that we have additional charges for expedited services and not all services are able to be done “expedited”.

When we state the lead time were generally asked “why does it take so long, it’s just a single color”.  We’ll without going into a lengthy page about lead times, here is why we provide our stated lead times.

  • We may have one of our OEM customers ship or drop off buckets & boxes of parts to be coated the day, or even an hour before you bring you’re parts in for refinishing.
  • We operate on the FIFO method for all projects.  First In First Out.
  • We are unable to “schedule an appointment” or “call me when you run xxxx color” so you can be “in queue” and get your gun back faster.  We must have it in our possession in order to get it on our production schedule.  It’s not fair to customers who have dropped their guns off for work and have waited for 3 or 4 weeks to get the gun back.  As a rule of thumb we don’t have specific day’s in which we spray a specific color.
  • If we are doing a specific color we try to do ALL our projects that are requesting that color at once.  Less commonly requested colors and or entirely unique colors are always done one off.
  • We could have ran low on the color you requested, normally orders take 6-9 days to arrive.
  • If you are doing a camo pattern we need to have that pattern cut out on Vinyl, weeded and made ready for your project.  If your pattern is a one off and not something we or other industry peer’s have done we have to draw it in illustrator.  Drawing or redoing stencils for your project sometimes takes days to complete, at times it can take us a couple revisions to get it right to our satisfaction.
  • We are a small business focused on customer service, we would rather tell you 4 weeks and exceed those expectations by having it done in a week or two.  Depending on workload shorter lead times can happen, but with quite a bit of work in queue it may draw out to the end of the stated lead times.
  • SOME detailed projects will generally take longer than the above time-frames due to the amount of intense detail, or excessive tear-down / assembly times for the project you have requested.  Custom blended colors also add time to projects in most cases, especially if it’s a specific color you are trying to match.