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Paint Werkz realizes that not everyone has access to a media blasting cabinet for proper prep work for your painting project, so we will gladly do the prep work for you to help you and your DIY project.

We use the MILSPEC, FAA Approved and lot traceable virgin brown 120 grit Aluminum Oxide, (not the cheap black colored imported aluminum oxide), and lot traceable 150 grit glass bead.  All our blasting media is very high quality, the same that is used and approved for US Military contracts.  It costs a bit more, but it also gives us a very specific and guaranteed quality.

Glass bead gives a smooth satin finish; whereas Aluminum Oxide has a dull finish with much deeper etching. Aluminum Oxide is a required process when using Cerakote, Duracoat or KG gunkote.   Glass bead blasting is typically used on Stainless Steel products where you want to “knock down the shine”.

All our media comes from Kramer Industries, all they do is metal prep products.

We offer the blasting to our customers with the following media:
Aluminum Oxide, 120 Grit.
Glass Bead, 175-320 grit.

Here are some sample images of the results of each blasting profile:

Stainless S&W Revolver

Above is a S&W Stainless Steel Revolver in it’s natural state

Glass Bead Blasted S&W Revolver

Above is a S&W Revolver with a glass bead blasting

Aluminum Oxide Blasted S&W Revolver

Above is a old S&W revolver with aluminum oxide blasting