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Are you tired of paying good money for marginally acceptable stencils for your project?  Trust me, we feel your pain!

Paint Werkz LLC is a FFL 07/02, more importantly we actually USE the stencils WE CREATE! 

The stencils we are offering here are the exact same stencils that we use in house to do our projects, we didn’t want to offer these to the public but demand was insane for them!

You might be wondering WHY our stencils are so much more than others, we’ll to be honest it’s simple.

  1. Our stencils are EXTREMLY dense, meaning that you can generally get more than 1 project out of each stencil. 
    1. Spaces between stencils generally are 1/8” to 1/4″ as to not waste material
  2. We use the industry standard high temp stencil grade vinyl.
    1. Avery Dennison 100-235-S High Bake Yellow Paint Mask Stencil
    1. SF 100-235-S can be used for high temperature bake cycles up to 200°F
  3. We draw our stencils in house using illustrator.
  4. Our rifle stencil we can get (2) rifles out of each project with a bit to spare.
    1. Rifle stencils start off as a blank sheet and we draw each “blob” one by one varying sizes and shapes.  Unlike other stencils No “blob” repeats.
  5. Our Pistol stencil you can easily get 2-3 pistols out of each stencil.
    1. Pistol stencils are sized for pistol use, and drawn from scratch not using resized rifle stencils.  Unlike other stencils No “blob” repeats.
  6. We don’t believe in the “negative” version on a stencil, if you do that’s great but we don’t.
    1. Negative versions of stencils let the company get away with giving you half the amount of shapes as you should get, or using a lot more vinyl than really needed.
    1. Negative stencils are just silly; I don’t know any professional applicator that uses them.
    1. Negative stencils literally waste stencil material.
  7. Last but not least, our motto is “do it right the first time, or don’t do it at all”.  Our stencils do it right the first time, and every time.
    1. Our stencils are a bit more money than others, but you get more projects out of each stencil than other stencils so it works out to less money per project.

Our stencil sizes:
Pistol  12” x 4.5”
Rifle  12” x 21.75”

Pistol 12” x 6”
Rifle 12” x 20”


We are frequently asked if these stencils can be used more than once. These stencils are for a one-time use.

These stencils will only work on a smooth surface in order for the stencil to adhere completely to the surface and avoid feathering under the stencil.

we ship our stencils unweeded.

Here are pictures of our files, projects used on and amount of material used!
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Actual screen shot of the illustrator file for the Multicam Pistol stencil to show density
Actual screen shot of the illustrator file for the Multicam rifle stencil
Multicam Style project completed with the stencils we are offering.
Rilfe stencil used for (1 1/3 rifle). As you can see we have PLENTY for finishing the rifle and then some.
Pistol stencil used for (1 pistol slide). As you can see we have PLENTY left over. This is a triple cut where we cut 3 stencils not just (1).